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Real Estate Agents Eliminate Cold Calling And Door Knocking By Using Atrraction Marketing And Social Media Marketing Strategies To Make More Real Estate Sales And Money

Magnetic Real Estate Agent - Real Estate Agents Eliminate Cold Calling And Door Knocking By Using Atrraction Marketing And Social Media Marketing Strategies To Make More Real Estate Sales And Money

Facebook And Your Real Estate Business

Facebook Benefits And Real Estate


Facebook is the largest social network with over 800 million users all over the world and all social classes, children in school, young mothers finding ways to keep in touch with friend, and increasingly baby boomers catching on to the excitement that Facebook provides.  For the vast majority of these people it is nothing more than a place to spend a few


globe puzzle You Can Build Your Real Estate Business on Facebook

hours a week catching up with family and friends. But there is another face to Facebook, it is increasing its presence across the web and businesses are looking for opportunities. For Real Estate agents there are wonderful opportunities to create a tight community of people in your local area, who can be actively referring new business to you. We will give you three simple steps to help you build your business using Facebook.

1. Branding – Like all good marketing campaigns, it is important to create a strong visual image for marketing on Facebook or other social networking sites. Your brand is vital if you are to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on your potential audience, but how to build your brand? That’s what they do;

a. Download a photo of your company logo or a picture of yourself so that people see who you are.

b. Write a summary, the hallmark of the bio that can be used as a way to describe what you are and what you do in a short space of time. This is your chance for 15 seconds of Facebook fame and you should not waste it.

c. Fill in the details section in the information page to tell people more about yourself, and mix both personal and professional data to create a real life character that people can understand and accept others.  Also ensure that you include your keywords, if you operate in a town or area then state that so that Facebook can find you.

2. Content creation – Many people miss the opportunity to provide information about their company and promote this content in Facebook. It’s so simple and yet very powerful and an excellent way to position yourself and your business as the industry leader in your area. Not know how to do this? Here are a few tips;

a. Don’t sell, Facebook is “Social” media, but inform your potential customers about what is happening and what you know.

b. Create small suburb profiles for your area.

c. Post topical information, and what you think about it.  Interest rate rises, property prices moving up/down etc

d. Include an image in as many posts as you can, Facebook is becoming more visual and images are rewarded and more likely to be shared.

3. Engagement – you are wanting to have your potential customers involved in your conversations.  Ask for feedback, create a survey, tell people to share the posts.  All of these are important to ensure that your posts appear in the feed of your fans. (not all posts will appear and if you have little interaction then Facebook is reluctant to show you off).

4. Networking – Join groups and start talking with people having similar interests and ideas for their own business. It is a great way to start finding the big players in your industry that you can build relationships with and perhaps take advantage of a mutual benefit, somewhere along the line. Networking is what social networking sites like Facebook is all about so get in there and make your voice heard!

Facebook is an ideal place to build your business, but with so many possibilities it is easy to become distracted and lose focus on the task. Remember, if you use Facebook for business, then that is exactly what you should do. So take it seriously and devote some time to it every day.